Comlet Technologies'™ Comlets System is based on their patented technology of "incomplete code."  In the system, each message completes the client viewer, providing the message-specific processing it requires.  With few exceptions, messages run without dependence on external software beyond base services provided by the incomplete section of the viewer. That is, each message completes the viewer to provide the features set it requires.

The Comlets Message System is a closed system, dedicated to a specific company or intent. From composition, through distribution, to a message's life-cycle completion, the owner of the Comlets Message System maintains ownership of that which is created and distributed.  Unencrypted messages or data never exist on disk and messages cannot be redistributed beyond their intended audience. In the Comlets Message System, the data is encapsulated in the message capsule (the Comlet) and is projected from that message capsule when chosen by the recipient.

This model provides powerful services for administering information and controlling those who create and receive it.  A key differentiator from clicking the SEND button in email is that, in Comlets, it means "I claim effective ownership of the information I SEND."