Comlets Message System

What is it?

The Comlets System is a complete media/content distribution system that offers a private and discreet communication channel for you and your chosen recipients. From creation to distribution, you have control over who can see your message, how long it can be viewed, and when it should be removed.  It's like having your own personal digital rights management system protecting your content.

Using a patented architecture, the Comlets Message System gives you complete control over where your information goes and how long it can be seen, knowing it isn't written to disk, forwarded, or modified in any way.

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Why Comlets?

The Comlets Message System extends your online presence by allowing you to deliver video, audio, and other rich media to the desktop with no possibility of filtering or blocking.  Comlets gives you - the sender - complete control over your messages: who can read or hear them, how long they are available, when they expire or are shredded. The Comlets System was not designed to replace e-mail, but as an alternative messaging medium better suited when the intent is to confidentially communicate rich media or sensitive information and be assured it reaches its destination. Comlet messages are protected from creation through delivery. Encryption and use of an alternate message channel mean that Comlets protect sensitive information. Find out more about how Comlets can help you manage and control information distribution.

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When the Comlet Technologies team gets together - Interesting things happen .

Comlet Technologies, LLC is dedicated to providing advanced messaging systems that address inherent limitations and concerns with e-mail and Web-page models for information presentation and distribution. Our goal is better control over information, better presentation of that information, better feedback on information, and to empower the information provider to retain ownership of his/her information. One way we achieve this is through our private information publishing system, the Comlets Message System. The Comlets System uses our patented system architecture of "Partial Code" technology that allows the definition of a message - from data, to presentation, to digital rights - to be embedded in message capsules, called Comlets. Each Comlet completes the base functionality of the message viewer to create a message-specific application that accomplishes the intent of the message composer. For the user, the Comlets Message System provides the relationship and proactive attributes of email, but adds the ownership and rich media of private websites. The system allows the system owner to have ownership and control over all aspects of messaging - you no longer lose control when you hit the Send button. Information does not leak beyond the intended audience; files do not leak to disk; messages do not "linger" "out there somewhere."
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Comlets Message System DemoSee how Comlets is a better way to handle sensitive communication.

We've compiled a demonstration to give you even more product information and a sample Message Viewer to download and install. To view this demonstration, please contact us through the link below. There, you can requests credentials to access the demonstration from our site or give us a physical address to where we can mail a demonstration packet.

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If you have already received your credentials to download the Comlets Message System demonstration, please log in below. You will then see the link to access more information and the Viewer download.